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 We are OneRadioLIVE, an independent radio network that plays it all. That is our purpose. To bring good positive music and programming for the world to hear.

The Midday Mayhem Show - Independent Radio

OneRadioLIVE is a family-oriented radio network featuring hip-hop, jazz, soul, pop, gospel, comedy and so much more. We have something for everyone. While we support freedom of expression, we understand that expression itself can only be taken so far before it becomes offensive. At OneRadioLIVE, we provide good, clean entertainment for the whole family.

The Midday Mayhem Show

Hosted by your boy “ChillSki” from Washington DC. The Midday Mayhem Show deals with real issues, real topics and real music. Topics range from mentoring our children and their issues to discussing politics. At its core, The Midday Mayhem Show is about growth.

The Midday Mayhem Show airs Monday through Friday from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. CST. This is an important show because it provides listeners with the opportunity to maneuver around obstacles that we have already encountered. Think of the show as a manual for life.

The week begins with:

 Mellow Music Mondays, a great way to relax, relate and recharge to get your week started right.

 Take Over Tuesday includes our segment “Credit Talk”, which helps you better position yourself in life.

 Walk with Me, Talk with Me Wednesday moves us forward…a day of discussion.

 Throw Back Thursday, featuring an old school party to remember the good times.

 Family Reunion Friday, setting our position to enjoy our weekend as a family!

Plug in & Pray
With Elder Karissa every Tuesday @ 8pm EST. Join us as we pray and ask GOD to continue to pour out His love and mercy out on us while we travel this journey of life.

Send in your prayer request to Bring a friend as we continue to thank God for giving prayer air-waves every week. Don't miss out.

Join the prayer warriors around as we Plug-In & Pray.
The Male Perspective

The Male Perspective

Hosted by “Sonday Mourning” from Washington DC.  “The Male Perspective Show” airs every Saturday @ 8pm EST. The shows focus is to give a True and Godly perspective from a Male that reached a point of being grateful to God for saving him and giving him a second chance. 
This gives an open door to many topics to help clear up a few thoughts of what men really think in a number of areas. The Male Perspective will speak on love, relationships, careers, sex, parenting, spiritual walks, goals and much more.  Be sure to join us to get the Males Perspective.

Rock Worship

The Rock Worship Center

Live on every Sunday get the Word of God from all parts of the world. In all forms of delivery.

From Prayer and Bible Study Worship Service all in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Tune in to fellowship. Coming 2016!!!!!

Coming Soon

Midlife 4 CHRIST
Get all of the tools that LIFE requires for success in this world of today. Career building, Real Talk Time - discuss the needed topics to create awareness on the things that set US backwards. Coming January 2017!!!!

Teen America
This is Teen Radio at its best! Come and get the scoop from the "horse’s mouth". Hear from our teens and what they really have to say. Let's hear their cries, their wants and needs so that we can come to their rescue with LIFE realities. Coming January 2017!!!!

Truth by V Logo

The Truth by V Talk Show

Hosted by Your New Favorite Lady
Miss V from Duval County...

Serving You With 100% RAW Truths, EXPANDING your Knowledge, EXPOUNDING on your Wisdom, ACCELERATING your Growth and UNLOCKING paths to a Better you.. With no limits on age, gender, sexual preference nor religious views.... Join Miss V for GREAT Vibes filled with a plethora of entertainment and Positivity simply serving you with pure unadulterated truths focusing on the topics that matters most to us all.

Streaming the BEST in:
Prayer Is Power Hours | Health and Wellness | Inspirational Words | Fashion Facts | Motivational Speakers
Cometry | Life Coaches | Open MIC Nights | LifeStyle featuring ("Vittles") | -Our Signature Cuisine Segment- Spoken Word |  Travel | New and Upcoming Artists | and sooooo much more!

Coming November 2016
Filling your soul beat by beat, one track at a time with the best in hip-hop, R&B, jazz, oldies, soul, reggae, pop, spiritual, country, instrumentals and more.
Truth never pumped your amplifier or pulled your heart strings this way...

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